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Quiz 1


The following patients come to you for specific problems. After you read the patient's statement of their problem, list on a sheet of paper the specific words that tell you what you need to know about the problem. Use WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW as your guides. If the information is not stated by the patient, write n/s. After you have written your own answer, check the answer in the pull-down window by clicking on the arrow. Be sure you understand each answer.

Check out this example and note that the information you list is an exact quote from the problem statement. If the information you need is not stated, type in n/s (for not stated).

Mr. Adams

I've been a smoker for 45 years and never had a problem until I noticed this little white spot here on the inside of my lip where I hold my cigarette.


Mr. Smith

I've had this sore place on my gum for a couple of weeks. It seems to swell up pop and break open like a blister.


Ms. Wilson

Ms Wilson: Can you look here at the tip of my tongue. I've had this red spot come up and it doesn't hurt or anything.


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